June 20, 2015


While reviews of individual lessons can be found on their product pages, here we have wise words from folks who previously enjoyed the entire class! Our students have included long-time writers with blogging dreams, fledgling newbie bloggers, and veteran bloggers with several years under their belts. Some of our students have gone on to be named sex blogging superheroes!


Mary Q. Contrary, blogger at Confessions of a Sex Toy RepI’d been mulling around starting a sex blog for over a year. The Business of Blogging about Sex was the kick in the ass I needed to just get going and finally launch my blog. The class helped me hone direction, taught me things I never even thought to think about, and helped me become more intentional as a writer. I’ve already turned a small profit, but more than that, I was able to quickly get started and find my voice. Instead of feeling lost, I felt supported and prepared.

—Mary Q. Contrary, blogger at Mary Q Confesses (Group Class, September 2014)


Avery, blogger at The PalimpsexThis course encouraged me in so many ways, from reading great advice and past experiences of other bloggers to being given thought-provoking blogging assignments to seeing how passionate Epiphora and JoEllen are in their own work. I LOVED being able to write for pleasure, to write what I want to write without being graded, as years of academia have bred me to wince after a submission. Here, I checked my email excitedly for replies knowing I was going to get brilliant feedback from my cohorts.

Watching Epiphora and JoEllen lead this course, individually catering to each of our needs as learners but also absorbing new ideas from us, helped create a really supportive community. There was a palpable exchange of respect, which could be seen in the language of assignment feedback, followups to questions, and even our Google Hangouts sessions. I know they will be there for me long after this course has ended.

This course made me feel like a professional human being, wielding the uniqueness of my sexual experience as a lightning rod in order to channel a storm of energies to get my website afloat in a sea of sunken ones. It gave me the tools to keep momentum going, the bravery to ask for support, the confidence to see my worth, and the discipline to generate material consistently. I really felt like this class was some sort of treasure or secret club, and it became a safe space that made me feel so special. I am beyond satisfied — I only wish it didn’t end!

—Avery, blogger at The Palimpsex (Group Class, May 2016)


The Minxy Milly, blogger at Minxy MillyHonestly, this course fucking rocks. I learnt more about myself, and my writing, doing the four week course, than I did in my entire first semester of University. The inspiration that flew out from my brain lit a fire under my ass and I wanted to pour everything I could onto a page and send it out into cyberspace, all thanks to the amazing tutelage brought forth from the instructors. The course provided extensive insider knowledge on the sex blogging world, and that quickly helped me successfully get my blog off the ground.

—The Minxy Milly (Group Class, September 2014)


Bex, blogger at Bex Talks SexI have never been more motivated and excited about my blog than I was during and after The Business of Blogging About Sex. Even though I had been running my site for well over a year when I took the class, I still learned more than I could have imagined. The personalized feedback was invaluable, and the community of peers and mentors was beyond compare.

—Bex, blogger at Bex Talks Sex (Group Class, September 2014)


Backwoods BedroomWith no prior blogging experience to speak of, I almost allowed my insecurities and feelings of inadequacy prevent me from taking this awesome blogging class. I’m glad I asked whether an established blog was a prerequisite and thankfully was informed that no prior blogging experience was necessary to join. This was all I needed to make up my mind and I am so thankful I did!

The class assignments were a wonderful way to hone my new blogging skills. The critiques provided by my fellow classmates were invaluable in understanding how I am being read and perceived by a reading audience. Their suggestions helped me pinpoint my niche and identify my voice.

This class gave me a boost of much needed confidence. It has provided me with the tools to reach my future website goals. I learned invaluable tips that I would have struggled to find out on my own, thanks to the experience and knowledge of the class instructors. I can confidently say I now have the required skills to take my blog and build it into a money-making platform. The only person who can stand in the way would be myself. Thank you Epiphora and JoEllen!

—Blogger at Backwoods Bedroom (Group Class, May 2016)


Inez Sage, blogger at Coming to a MiddleWhen I signed up for this class I was pretty sure I had a lot to say, but I didn’t have a clue how to say it. Epiphora and JoEllen lay out all of the steps to creating a blog that will be seen, appreciated, and hopefully bring in some money, too. The class is intense — there is a huge amount of material to cover in a pretty short amount of time, but the intensity adds to the experience. Like throwing yourself into a foreign language. It is very immersive and it really forced me to make a commitment of time and energy to my blog.

The feedback on assignments is incredible, as well. I got thoughtful critiques on all of my assignments, not just from JoEllen and Epiphora but also from my fellow students. The variety of perspectives was really valuable and gave me more insight into myself, not just my work. I know I will be better prepared to write for the big wide world because of this class.

You know how you can look back at different times in your life and point at experiences that changed your direction? That helped you redefine your goals and path? This class has been one of those experiences for me. It was a fantastic investment that I am so happy I chose to make. I know I will be referring back to it for a long time as I begin to put everything into action.

—Inez Sage, blogger at Coming to a Middle (Group Class, May 2016)


Amy, blogger at Coming Out AmyI took this class because it was time. Time to get out of my writing rut, time to explore whether I wanted to be a sex blogger, and time to push myself to do something really scary and uncomfortable.

I was pretty much blown away by all the information JoEllen and Epiphora provided each week. How much did I pay for this class again? I thought it was worth a million bucks! I wasn’t even sure I could get through all the information and tips! Just tons and tons of ideas, suggestions, and resources.

At first I was really shy about giving critiques of other classmates’ writings. But after I forced myself to do a few, I actually liked it, a camaraderie began to form in our class, and I began looking forward to reading each week’s submissions. My classmates’ writings were good, really good. I enjoyed their humor, wit and intelligence and I also became aware of my voice and style and all the choices I had with my life experiences.

Would I take this class again? I would take this class and probably anything else these two have to offer. I have never seen such precise, in depth, helpful, and spot on critiques from anyone else EVER. I know that sounds extreme, but trust me, I am incredibly picky about who I work with and who I will take suggestions from. They better be damn good and know what they’re doing. These two do.

—Amy (Group Class, May 2016)


Sarah, blogger at Marvelous DarlingEven as a blogger with 3 years under my belt, I learned plenty from Epiphora and JoEllen. Before taking the class, I felt stagnant. I had been doing most of the same things for years and I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. For me, the most useful parts of the class were the lessons that talked about sponsorship, affiliate best practices, and other options to monetize. I had no idea how much the business side of my blog could be improved!

—Sarah, blogger at Marvelous Darling (Group Class, October 2015)


Starina, blogger at Blissfully OrgasmicThis is a fantastic, well structured class that would benefit anyone looking to turn their blogging hobby into a career. Both JoEllen and Piph were available for any questions and offered advice throughout the entirety of the course — even as a seasoned(ish) blogger I found all of the information useful.

Prior to the course I’d never taken advertisers, as honestly I felt the whole thing was a little daunting, I didn’t know how to respond or even prices to suggest. I’ve now successfully dealt with my first advertiser and I wasn’t at all scared or intimidated by the experience.

Before taking this class, I sometimes felt like I had nothing to offer. My blog now has a direction that it previously didn’t have, something to set me apart. This course helped me to really think about where I want my blog to go, and which direction I need to take to get there.

—Starina, blogger at Blissfully Orgasmic (Group Class, October 2015)


Juliette, founder of The Ev-O!-lutionThis course was worth every red cent. My currency is $2 to US $1 and the economy is shit and I would still make this investment again — feed me sex talk, food can wait! I would be tempted to take the course again given money and time.

My confidence has improved for sure and I learned so much! There was so much valuable information shared and I enjoyed the exercises — simple and to the point. I would not have pressed “post” if I did not have the instructors’ stellar tips and honest feedback. I could not believe an online course could be so engaging and dynamic. You have no idea how much you have impacted my journey.

—Juliette, founder of The Ev-O!-lution (Group Class, September 2014)


Polly, blogger at Polly Comes NicelyI can’t say enough good stuff about this class! I had just started my blog, and wildly underestimated the skill and dedication required to get it to be what I wanted it to be. The Business of Blogging about Sex was exactly what I needed: meaningful writing assignments that helped me define who I am and what I’m doing, amazing feedback from JoEllen and Epiphora (and a whole host of classmates), and a world of wonderful information.

At first it seemed like a massive splurge, but it was a completely worthwhile investment considering the quality and quantity of the content and expert guidance. The content was amazing — I could just eat it up! I also loved how JoEllen and Epiphora have different perspectives and ways of doing things, and that was amplified by others weighing in, too.

The changes I’ve made to my blog just during the duration of the class have already made it grow a ton. I already have a lot more readers and Twitter followers, and it’s continuing to grow every day. This class completely helped me turn my blog around. I learnt a lot more than I expected, and I will forever look back to this class for inspiration.

—Polly, blogger at Polly Comes Nicely (Group Class, October 2015)


Heather, blogger at Come HeatherI was a little hesitant to sign up for the Business of Blogging About Sex because I already had a self-hosted blog, and I had been writing reviews for a couple of months. I’m so glad I decided to take the plunge, because I learned so much, and it was great to network with other bloggers.

The class was very accessible (even for those of us allergic to technology), and packed with information. It was challenging, engaging, and really lit a fire under my butt to craft a niche, hone my voice, and stay on-brand. The critiques were immensely constructive, and I felt like they were really cheering us on. I really loved JoEllen and Epiphora’s honesty, especially when it comes to being a positive presence on social media.

I feel like I got my money’s worth, and am still exploring topics we examined in the course. I can’t wait to implement all the things I’ve learned. Thanks JoEllen and Epiphora!

—Heather, blogger at Come Heather (Group Class, October 2015)


RebeccaI was extremely excited going into this class. Now that I’ve come out the other end of what was an intensive month, that initial level of excitement pales in comparison to the ultimate value the course has provided me with. This course single-handedly showed me that the challenge and reward of writing in my own voice, about topics that I really care about, is something I want in my day-to-day life.

The engagingly-written content was both informative and inspirational, and I have never received this level of constructive feedback on anything I’ve done in life. Beyond the feedback, it has was super cool to be part of a small online community of sex-positive, ambitious, creative people.

There aren’t enough good things I can say about this class. I now feel I have the basic toolkit, the confidence, and the drive to put my all into my sex writing. Even more than that, I’m not focusing on making everything “perfect” the first time around, which is a large part of what has paralyzed my progress in the past. Ultimately, what I’m trying to say: thank you, thank you, thank you, for this excellent and oh-so-rewarding experience! Frankly, I already miss it.

—Rebecca (Group Class, September 2014)


Indy, blogger at The Shingle BeachTalk about giving us a kick up the bum! It’s hard work, but very enjoyable. I’ve never done a course where the students willingly redid their assignments a few times over because they got so much support and good feedback. The class was friendly, forthright, encouraging — and lovely and chatty — and that was in large part down to our brilliant tutors setting the tone. I still have Piph’s welcome message to me (me, personally!) on my noticeboard over my desk as inspiration…

The lessons I learned, and the feedback and advice I received, will stand me in good stead whichever direction I end up taking my blog next.

—Indy (Group Class, September 2014)


I learned a lot of valuable information while taking this class that I don’t think I could have learned on my own, especially in a month’s time! A lot of thought and care went into every assignment but not once did it feel like a chore. I never knew I could feel excited about having my writing criticized but I felt rewarded every time I did. There was a real sense that everyone, both instructors and classmates, wanted you to do your best and keep building from there. You, who ever you may be, better take this class. You don’t know the fun you’re missing.

—Teacup (Group Class, September 2014)


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