July 5, 2017


We have so much love for our sponsors! With their help, we are able to offer our students scholarship options and sex toys for class assignments. Read all about why we love each of them below, and consider buying something to thank them for their generosity.

Scholarship sponsors

Our Amplified Voices Sex Blogger Scholarship is made possible with the incredible support of Early to Bed, Fuze, We-Vibe, Dame, Crystal Delights, and OhMiBod. Their generous monetary sponsorship allows us to offer several scholarships to students whose voices tend to be under-represented in sex blogging!

Amplified Voices Sex Blogger Scholarship, sponsored by Early to Bed, Fuze, We-Vibe, Dame, Crystal Delights, and OhMiBod

Early to Bed: An indie sex shop in Chicago run by one of the sweetest (and most hilarious) people we know. They go the extra mile with their webstore, taking their own product photos and writing their own pros/cons for each toy. Early to Bed was one of the very first shops to earn a spot on JoEllen’s Superhero Sex Shop list.

Fuze: A Canadian sex toy manufacturer who deals primarily in silicone dildos and butt plugs. Known for sleek, stylized toys — some with innovative, curved bases for more comfortable harness use — Fuze is well-known by lovers of high-quality toys.

Dame: Founded by two smart women with the purpose of making innovative sex toys, Dame sees it as their mission to design well-engineered products that heighten intimacy and empower couples.

We-Vibe: A rechargeable vibrator manufacturer most known for their flagship vibe that can be worn during penetrative sex. Bloggers from sea to shining sea love their tiny but mighty Tango and all-around great Touch. Fun fact: We-Vibe sponsored JoEllen’s Superhero Sex Shop Tour.

Crystal Delights: Makers of gorgeous glass toys with Swarovski crystals in their bases. They make dildos as well as beautiful butt plugs, some with added tails. Shellie, the owner, is awesome and actually listens to her customers. Hence why Crystal Delights won Manufacturer of the Year in Epiphora’s 2012 Best/Worst list.

OhMiBod: Most known for music-responsive vibrators and the Lovelife line of rechargeable toys, OhMiBod is a company that genuinely wants to do right in the industry and actually listens to feedback. They won Manufacturer of the Year in Epiphora’s 2014 Best/Worst list.

Toy sponsors

Our wonderful toy sponsors —TantusVibratexSheVibeFun Factory, and Lovehoney — provide a handful of sex toys to our group class, which they can then review and photograph for a corresponding assignment.

Toy sponsors: Tantus, Vibratex, SheVibe, Fun Factory, LovehoneyTantus: Makers of lovely 100% silicone dildos and plugs. JoEllen and Epiphora have loved them for the entirety of their blogging careers — a love that has only strengthened each year as they continue to release fantastic toys and unabashedly support the blogging community. Tantus won Manufacturer of the Year in Epiphora’s 2015 Best/Worst list.

Vibratex: Manufacturer of vibrators since 1983! Vibratex makes the popular Rabbit Habit, but JoEllen and Epiphora agree that their best toys are the legendary Magic Wand Rechargeable and Mystic Wand.

SheVibe: Looking for an incredible deal? SheVibe is the place for you! We adore them (seriously, we’re a bit obsessed) and they carry a ton of good stuff, including more obscure sex toy brands that can be hard to find in other shops. SheVibe is one of the very few online shops on JoEllen’s Superhero Sex Shop List.

Fun Factory: This playful German company has been making high-quality silicone toys since 1996 — their most epic innovation being their pulsators, which thrust rather than vibrate, leading them to win Manufacturer of the Year in Epiphora’s 2013 Best/Worst list.

Lovehoney: Shopping overseas, especially the UK and Australia? We whole-heartedly recommend Lovehoney, which began in the UK but has now expanded into the U.S. and Australia as well. They are fast, discreet, and well-respected, with an unmatched return policy.