January 6, 2016


What are my options for learning and the differences between them?

We’re so glad you asked! We’ve designed several options so you can choose the one that best fits your schedule, learning style, and needs!

  • The Business of Blogging About Sex — Group Class (Fall 2017)Learn alongside other blossoming badass bloggers for six intensive weeks. This option provides a structured environment with deadlines, plus classmate camaraderie and feedback. Bonuses for signing up for the group class include a free sex toy for review from one of our sponsors (SheVibe, TantusFun Factory, Vibratex, and Lovehoney!), two live video hangouts with JoEllen and Epiphora, a photography critique from Penny, and a PDF of bonus materials upon graduation!
  • The Business of Blogging About Sex — Independent Study: Complete all the lessons on your own schedule, with optional feedback from JoEllen and Epiphora. Less expensive than the group class and perfect if you want to get started right away, work at your own pace, have the freedom and comfort of working independently, and/or want to get your site up and running before fall. Save 10% over purchasing all lessons individually!
  • Individual LessonsChoose only the components that suit your specific needs. This option is great for bloggers wanting to hone their craft in specific areas, at their own pace.

Will I need to be at my computer at set times to take advantage of the course material?

Nope! We realize everyone has their own schedule and have specifically designed the class to be appreciated at your own pace. If you purchase individual lessons or the independent study, all content will be made available to you immediately upon purchase for perusal at your leisure. Attendees of the six-week Group Class will receive new content every 1-2 weeks, with several days to read each lesson, complete the assignment, and interact via comments section with classmates. You will not need to be present at your computer at any exact times except those of the live video hangouts,  the timings of which are voted on by students. Questions for hangouts can also be submitted in advance, and video will be available for viewing afterward.

How long will I have access to the course material? How much of it is there?

If you purchase individual lessons, you will have access to the content for 3 months from date of purchase. If you purchase the independent study, you will have access to the content for 6 months. Assignments must be completed within these timeframes to receive feedback from JoEllen and Epiphora. Attendees of the Group Class will have access to the content starting when class begins, and for several months after class ends.

Currently, the entirety of the course material is over 88,000 words long — nearly the length of the novel 1984. Individual lessons range from 15,000 to 26,000 words each. It’s a lot of information!

Do you offer payment plans?

We do have the option of paying in installments for our Group Class. Just choose the number of installments that will work for you from the dropdown.

What is your refund policy?

Because the content is available immediately upon purchase, our individual lessons and independent study are non-refundable. If you sign up for the Group Class in fall 2017 and find yourself unable to participate, you may cancel your enrollment at any time prior to July 15th, 2017. We will miss you terribly and refund your payment minus a $25 processing fee. There will be no refunds after July 15th.

I’ve already been blogging for a couple years. Is this coursework for me?

This course is designed to aid bloggers in career development. The lessons are the culmination of everything Epiphora and JoEllen have learned in their nearly 15 years of blogging and reflect everything they (and an impressive roster of guest instructors) have learned en route to building sustainable careers, offering hours upon hours of information. There’s something for you in the coursework whether you are a hobby-blogger hoping to make the leap to professional or a pro looking to give your career a boost.

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