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Online classes and lessons taught by Epiphora and JoEllen Notte

Wanna be a badass sex blogger? There's more to it than buying a domain name and throwing up a sexy photo. In these online lessons, expert sex bloggers Epiphora (Hey Epiphora) and JoEllen Notte (Redhead Bedhead) spill all the insider secrets they've amassed in their over 15 years of combined experience sex blogging. Having turned their one-time hobbies into profitable online businesses, they have their share of triumphs and horror stories — all of which will help you become a better, more business-savvy sex blogger.

This class offers a short-cut to success. LOADS of advice, support, and helpful information. I recommend it to fellow porn makers, sex toy peddlers, and just about anyone interested in putting their sex-y stuff online.
Jiz Lee

Whether you're brand new to sex blogging or want to take your current blog to the next level, these lessons are designed to kick you into high gear. Each lesson focuses on a different topic, giving you the skills you need to be a well-rounded sex blogger. Epiphora and JoEllen will teach you how to set up your site, pinpoint your niche, publish captivating content, obtain products for review, build a loyal following, use social media to your advantage, and much more. Since dildos can't pay your bills, they also discuss avenues for blog monetization, including affiliate links, banner advertising, and sponsored posts.

In addition to instruction from Epiphora and JoEllen, students will be treated to tidbits of advice from over 30 successful industry leaders throughout the coursework.

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  • Work best in a group, in a structured environment with deadlines? Our Group Class is for you!
  • Prefer to move at your own pace, work by yourself, maybe even get started RIGHT NOW? Check out the Independent Study!
  • Want to pick and choose only the lessons you absolutely need? Our Individual Lessons let you do just that!

  • Give your blog a running start! In this lesson, we'll help you map out your site and your mission, with in-depth tips on picking a platform, choosing your name, articulating your niche, and perfecting your about page.

  • What to write, how to write it, why to write it, and how to do it all as YOU! Along with killer tips for productivity, this lesson is chock full of guidance for cultivating your blogging voice and unleashing the badass writer within.

  • SHOW ME THE MONEY! Now's the time to monetize your blog effectively. Learn how to generate income via affiliate links, advertising, sponsored posts, and more. Plus, how to track earnings in this unconventional field — and how to deal with taxes.

  • It's a big industry and succeeding as a sex blogger entails building your name within it. This lesson will go over building both your audience and your professional reputation, covering everything from social media to teaching and speaking.

About the instructors

Two expert sex bloggers and over 30 guest instructors converge to share their vast knowledge of blogging with you!


Sex toy blogger
For 9 years, Epiphora has been testing sex toys and writing about them on her popular blog, HeyEpiphora.com — over 600 posts in all. Well-known for her snarky style, Epiphora makes her living almost entirely through her blog, which delights her parents.

JoEllen Notte

Sex writer & educator
JoEllen is an established sex writer, educator, and speaker. Known for approaching all topics with a balance of honesty, compassion and razor sharp wit, JoEllen has become a go-to source for information on topics ranging from sex shops to the impact of mental health on sexuality.

Guest instructors

Top tips throughout the coursework from 30+ more sex blogging superheroes!
Coursework includes tips and tricks from over 30 sex bloggers, writers, and educators, including Tristan Taormino, Erika Moen, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Jiz Lee, Sunny Megatron, Sinclair Sexsmith, Emily Nagoski, Metis Black, Joan Price, and more!
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